Bio: Darie Ducan (b. May 10, 1988) is a Romanian poet of the new generation. He was born in Târnăveni, Mureş country (Romania), where he graduated primary school and high school. During his studies in the natal town, he became a member of the literary club Helen from Ardeal. At only nineteen years of age, he joined the Writer’s Union of Romania, a controversial and stirring act for his precocity. Between 2004 and 2005 he moderated a weekly radio program of poetry in Târgu-Mureş – Young poets. In 2010 he graduates The Faculty of Letters at the University of Bucharest, with his diploma paper – a work of theory and literary criticism: The bacovian space. In 2007 he founded, among other students, the literary club Postmodern workshop, where he participated until 2009. At present, he’s studying a program of Literary theory and comparative literature for his master’s degree master, at the same university. He’s publishing in numerous local and central Romanian newspapers, as well as outside the country, in Canada, USA and Germany: poetry, essays, drama, literary critique, editorials, reports, interviews, prefaces. He holds poetical performance shows in many cities across the country and abroad (Bucharest, Paris, Madrid, Montreal etc.). His debut began with a poetry volume in 2003 – Soot on the wound, followed by many other of poetry volumes: Cardboard Gods (2004), The Stoning Trilogy (2004), The Gurney Tuner (2005), Long Singular Plantations (2007), 50 Sonnets, (3 volumes, 2007), The Book between Two Thieves (2008), Aseptic April (2010, 2011), Ethanol – short film (2011), Several Kinds of Cancer (2012). He also wrote theatre and published several volumes: The Lepers Rectangle (2008), God’s Prerogatives (2010) and The Republic of Ashes Thrown into the Sea (2012). He took part in numerous seminars on young literature in Romania and he is present in many anthologies (Young literature, 2007). It is the author of the blog The World of Now – (www.darieducan.blogspot.com).

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